Managing Stress Around the Holiday

Stress can be a major trigger for neuropathy.  Each year I feel pressure to do special things, to shop, cook, decorate, visit and make nice with people I hardly even know.  Each year as my neuropathy progresses my desire to do these things gets less and less.   

This year with Covid-19 we have a wonderful opportunity to change traditions and do things differently - hopefully with less pressure and stress.  This year for example, I've had my husband put up the Christmas tree with lights as normal. But that is all - the lights are the part that makes me feel happiest and so, we have a tree with just lights, AND I LOVE IT!

What causes you stress around the holiday season?

  • Going to the stores to shop (of course we'd say that!)
  • Some people feel loneliest when in a room full of people, so invitations are stressful
  • Feeling like I'm going to be missing out/deprived of the season's you
  • and ohhh... gaining weight!
What can we do to still feel the "spirit" of the season even though we are all isolated?
  • Christmas cards are a dying tradition.  Write some to those people you care most about. It will make them smile and you feel good.
  • Adopt a family in need
  • Make a donation to a favorite charity
  • Send a care package to someone who you know is alone or lonely
  • Take a home made meal or cookies to someone who can't easily cook
  • Set up an online get-together or an on-line game

You can also do something special for yourself.  Plan a trip (for the future), take a bath, have a 'me' day, or learn something new.

Have a low stress holiday, your nerves will thank you.