Welcome to the NeuropShop

Hello and welcome,

The NeuropShop has been a dream of ours for coming on 5 years.  The volunteers of the Calgary Neuropathy Association (CNA) love helping people with neuropathy find ways to manage their symptoms.  But, we hate fundraising AND we are not particularly good at it.  This shop is our solution.  

We know that all of us with neuropathy are very frustrated and even down-hearted with the lack of awareness about neuropathy and definitely with the lack of funding that goes to peripheral neuropathy research. We want to make a difference on both fronts.

There will be a level of patience needed with us as, again we are all volunteers, and we are learning as we go. But we hope you will keep checking back with us, will add your name to our mailing list, and will share the news about our little shop so more people can support our education and research efforts .

We hope that you will watch as we grow this shop into something that we can all be proud of because we are helping ourselves and others like us.

Our NeuropShop Vision

Our vision includes multiple phases starting with The Awareness Collection and a Neuropathy Books Collection. Subsequent phases planned include:

  • Supplements
  • Exercises tools and aids
  • Recovery aids
  • Task aids 
  • Sleep aids
  • Shoe recommendations
  • All things to help your feet
  • All things to help you keep warm

These won't necessarily appear on the NeuropShop in this order but we will get there.

Thanks for checking us out

We do hope you become a NeuropShopper by signing up for our email list. It really is the best way for us to communicate to you about discounts and anything else that may be of interest to you.

We hope you enjoy the NeuropShop, it was made with you, the neuropathy sufferer, in mind. Also, please be sure to visit the Calgary Neuropathy Association to see what it is you're supporting with your purchases.

Thanks you and be healthy!