Who We Are: A Social Enterprise Supporting Neuropathy Education and Research

The NeuropShop is a social enterprise that exists solely to provide funding for Peripheral Neuropathy Education and Research.

We do this by offering products that help those enduring life with neuropathy.  The products are specifically selected for the NeuropShop as they may contribute to an individual's self-management goals.

The NeuropShop was started by the VP of the Calgary Neuropathy Association as a way to raise funds for the organizations education, support and other programs. 

100% of the profits from the NeuropShop go to fund Neuropathy Education and Research.

Currently the NeuropShop supports the following charitable organization and institution:

1. The Calgary Neuropathy Association - Education and Support 

2. The Donley Neuropathy Research Fund, established by the Calgary Neuropathy Association in order to support Peripheral Neuropathy Research at the following institutions: